Autogenic Relaxation


Peak Performance Relaxation is a highly effective, technologically advanced stress management system designed to help you manage and optimize your energy.  The first principle in creating Peak Performance lies in matching your energy states with the requirements of the performance at hand.  Years of clinical training and research with elite athletes, creative performers and highly successful business executives have provided the keys to success in energy management.  An Olympic athlete, for instance, must be able to adjust energy levels dramatically in order to win the Gold.  From a lifetime of mental rehearsal the star athlete skillfully shifts from the quiet, relaxed focus preceding a performance to the intense explosion of mental, emotional, and physical energies, culminating in a final rush of power for the first-place finish!  This is Peak Performance Relaxation in any arena, from the keyboard of a best selling author to a PGA golf tour to the corporate board room.  Peak Performance Relaxation puts you in charge.  


Advances in Neuroscience and sports psychology have started to unlock the secrets of harnessing mental, emotional, and physical energies for super success.  We all know that certain neurochemicals in the brain are related to states of arousal, mood, concentration, and performance.  Similarly, recent discoveries in brain wave patterns have demonstrated a direct relationship to optimal performance.  We now understand that these brainwave patterns can be enhanced at will, to optimize mood, concentration and performance.  The Peak Performance Relaxation System combines a number of brain wave entrainment techniques which can empower you to produce extraordinary levels of accomplishment.


The results of Peak Performance Relaxation training follow a predictable pattern.  Right away you will begin to notice that you are sleeping more efficiently and awakening more refreshed and rejuvenated.  This natural, restorative sleep results in a more optimistic outlook as well as a greater sense of control and choice.  Emotional stability and modulation becomes apparent.  Mental clarity and focus become easier for you and memory begins to improve.   As a positive result, you begin to shape and mold your personal and professional experiences more to your liking.  With greater personal choice comes increased self-control and self-confidence, freeing you to achieve your goals.

Quick Start Guide:
The Peak Performance Relaxation System CD has two 30-minute tracks:

            Track One: Relaxation Training for use during waking hours

            Track Two: Sleep Enhancement for use during sleeping hours

Use Track One during a normal awake time for the full duration of 30 minutes without interruption once per day for 90 days as follows:

  • Listen to the CD in stereo with good quality speakers without Dolby or Surround sound or with good quality stereo headphones.
  • Partially recline in a comfortable chair or fully recline on a couch, the floor, etc.
  • Close your eyes during the relaxation training.
  • Eliminate interruptions or surrounding noise.
  • NEVER use while standing, walking, driving or operating equipment!
  • Listen to the program with relaxed, passive attention.
  • It is normal if you become drowsy or go to sleep.
After 14 days of training, begin to add a brief 5-minute relaxation session each day by sitting quietly with eyes closed and silently recalling some of the words, shapes, colors, and images from the CD.  You will discover that several of these “anchors” will enable you to move quickly and easily into a refreshing state of relaxation.

You may continue to use Track One at your discretion for continuous positive results.

Track Two may be used at your discretion during sleeping hours as a sleep aid.  Set the CD player to repeat Track Two and listen in stereo with or without headphones.  

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