ADD and ADHD Testing

At the Peak Performance Institute, Dr. Jan Ford Mustin has over 30 years of doctoral level experience with the diagnosis and treatment of AD/HD. She, along with Dr. Jamie Freda supervise a professional team of diagnosticians with strong educational background, training and expertise in the assessment of AD/HD. As the Clinical Director of PPI, Dr. Mustin has consulted with hospitals, school districts, professional tutoring companies, private agencies, as well as federal and state agencies as an expert in Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder for both children and adults. In addition, she is a frequently-requested public speaker on the subject of state-of-the-art ADHD assessment and treatment, presenting in-service information to physicians, nurses, public and private school faculties and large parent group gatherings on this highly compelling topic that affects a number of students of all ages.

The assessment process for Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder is both flexible and precise, providing customized considerations for each individual depending on circumstance, symptoms and age. The diagnostic process begins with an interview with the patient or the patient's parents, depending on the patient's age. A carefully structured interview provides direction for the following steps in the process. This interview process may be completed in one session, or after several sessions. Once completed, a customized assessment battery of tests is designed for the client which incorporates the client's specific needs and questions, as well as the client's particular purpose for the evaluation (for placement, accommodations, treatment, parenting style concerns, to name a few).

We believe that it is very important that the client and/or the client's parents be included in all decisions regarding the design and administration of the testing itself. Dr. Mustin will discuss in clear detail how she selects each test and explain to the client or the client's parents the nature and purpose of each test before beginning the evaluation process. Clients are encouraged to participate actively in this process, sharing their questions and observations to ensure the best and most therapeutic evaluation experience possible.

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